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A Sunday well scent…

No, that’s not a typo.

Today smells of wonderful. Today possess the scent of refreshing new starts (beginning tomorrow, Monday) and positivity.

I’ve been having a tough time recently coming to terms with events that have taken place over the last couple of months, as well as being really horribly unwell this week.

But they say you should surround yourself with things you like.

One thought process is you should fill your personal spaces with flowers which we as humans instantly find refreshing and uplifting. Lighting candles also soothes the soul and fills your home with those silky, smokey aromas which invites calm.

I’m someone who buys other people flowers. There’s no reason for it, I just think it’s a lovely gesture and it makes someone smile.

So today I took my own advice and bought myself some floral necessities that have instantly brightened my day.

I think a bit of self love is needed over the next few weeks.

And flowers can only grow when watered.

Happy Sunday x



I love creating a home. It’s the little things that can completely make a room and the supermarkets are full of lovely bits and bobs for a great price. I got these diffusers and candles from Sainsbury’s – and my house smells delicious! 


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