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Travelling to Devon with a baby and biscuits…

Surely that’s the only way to do it right?

You get through five hours of driving to Devon with a baby with biscuits and not just one, like a whole pack and then when they’ve ran out, you pray to god you’ve timed that moment with a nap.

We’re off on our summer hols to beautiful Devon.

It’s pretty exciting because both Mr. GTMHTC’s siblings have also just had babies, so it’s the first of many joint adventures for us all.

Isn’t that just lovely though?

A huge family holiday complete with Grandma and Grandad, all the cousins together in their little sun hats and hopefully some decent weather and a truck load of scones.


Now, they are the kind of memories that’s worth driving five hours for.

Even if I’m already sick of hearing row, row, row your boat music from Maggie’s book, covered in coffee from his driving and she’s refusing to sleep.



All for the memories! 

Catch up on the latest Devon adventure this week – and any cream tea recommendations are always welcome! X


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