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1 week in Devon, 3 babies and multiple ice-creams…

It’s pretty magical when you think about this:

Three siblings. Three babies. In 8 months.

Mr. GTMHTC along with his brother and sister have all had their first child, Maggie’s cousins, in a very short space of time and because we’re crazy, we shacked up together down in Devon for a whole week of mayhem.


But mayhem doesn’t arise when you have sunshine, fresh seafood and copious amounts of Devonshire ice-cream.

The only thing that manifests is the prospect of life-long memories of the cousins first holiday together.

Of the cooking that we all took turns to do each night – turns out we’re all not too shabby – and sitting around laughing (sometimes too loudly, ‘omg if you wake that baby up we’re no longer related’) playing cards and just doing what families should do.

Be together.

I love it. I love a house full of people. I love it when family gather in the kitchen, the heart of the home and I adore the photo’s and the stories that we will talk about in years to come.


Remembering the beauty on our doorstep

I constantly feel like I have itchy feet.

Day one: “I’ve been thinking and I want to take Maggie to India…”

Day two: “Oh my god we should take Mags to New Zealand or something and do like, bungee jumps and stuff…”

Mr. GTMHTC: *Silence*

We could do those things but all in good time. I’ve just finished my maternity leave and that last week spent in the English Riviera (around Totnes) was utterly delightful.

I forget that here in England we have some of the most glorious beach side spots going.

We took a shining to Salcombe where the beaches were white and the sea clear (cold).

It was postcard perfect, literally.

So if you’re looking for the perfect family get away I couldn’t recommend Totnes and the surrounding areas more. Even with three tired Mummy’s, three excitable Dad’s, two jolly Grandparents and a brood of uncontrollable babies, it was the best holiday ever.

Some things to do:


Get to Salcombe, hit the beach and then grab something to eat at The Winking Prawn. 

Fresh seafood, salads, old school rock n’ roll music playing, summer vibes! Ah take me back, please!

It’s such a lovely little beach shack style cafe, with it’s walls covered in pictures and sayings and all the refurbished wood type tables.

Salcombe itself is also very quaint with it’s winding streets.



Becky Falls:

We love a good walk and Maggie absolutely finds her backpack adventures so exciting.

Becky Falls was voted the most beautiful place in Devon and you can understand why, with its fairy tale-esque forrest and the waterfall.

There are numerous walks to choose from depending on ability and with three kids in tow, we headed for the moderate one. Stretching on for about 40 minutes, the scenery was incredible.

You could take a picnic like we did or eat in the cafe, either way it’s just a great day.


Ben’s Farm Shop:

I’ve wanted to go here for a while so was excited at the prospect of actually doing so.

I’m a huge advocate for farming and find it really interesting how people view food and where it comes from,

For me, Ben’s Farm Shop married the idea of health and organic, farm produce together perfectly displaying an interesting mix of meats, cheeses and veg alongside vegan products and homemade foods.

Even if you don’t want to sit and eat, just go and have a stroll.

And buy the muesli. Oh and the butter. In fact, buy me some while you’re at it, I’ve now run out!

In and around Totnes:

Totnes itself was so up mine and Mr. GTMHTC’s street.

There was such a colourful vibe – people just sang in the street!

But why not?

Happiness and contentment is a wonderful thing and it just felt like everybody was getting on with it, strolling around the market, just enjoying their smooth way of life.

There are loads of cafes to choose from in Totnes, all as inviting as each other.

We sat outside Seeds 2, Totnes, and watched the world go by. Great coffee, great views, great morning.


Later in the week we drove in to Paignton which apparently was my beloved Grandma’s favourite place. She was always saying “there are as nice places in England as there are abroad Emily”, and after such a wonderful time away, I can look to the sky and say you know what Gran, you were right. Like usual!

So if you’re not going to take my word for, at least take Grandma’s.

We live in a glorious country and I have a glorious family. What more could one ask for?







  1. Looks idyllic. Especially loving the pink prawnetto van.:) Have been to Cornwall, but never Devon. So lovely in this country when we actually have good weather!


    • Emily Llou says

      It truly was! So beautiful. Thanks for reading 😊 I’m the opposite – never been to Cornwall! On the list 👌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Babs Allen says

    Lovely post! We always stay in Salcombe for our family holiday and it is a bit nuts – 2 grandparents, their 4 children (of which I am one!) and 10 grandchildren! So I completely get the multigenerational thing and cousins spending time together. My top tips would be for large accommodation, a trip on the South Sands Ferry (and sea tractor) along the coast to the beach, and tasting the unbelievably good jammy doughnuts from The Bakehouse!


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