Welcome to my world!


I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve been doing this for a while now so welcome to the journey…


The beginning…

I met him, followed him to Australia and took Grandma’s cookbook with me.

Blogging my way through her cookbook (I grew up with one Gran who baked, baked, baked and one who was a farmers wife. Eating, for me, is inevitable!) was a way of creating a connection to back home whilst developing this overwhelming love for local produce, fresh farmers market food (Australian produce. Ah amazing!)


Back home…

So then we came back home to England and here I am years later, a U.K. Blog Awards finalist, food writer, journalist and more importantly, a Mother!

People – especially those in my generation – look at food all wrong. As my Grandmothers would both say, a piece of cake won’t kill you, just don’t eat the whole thing and buy proper ingredients. You know – from the butcher, from the market, from the fish monger. Real people.


And now?

Well now I’m on a mission. I’m on a mission to bring people back to the table, back to using our wonderful produce, back to the simpler way of cooking and living and ensure my beautiful daughter, Maggie May, grows up with a sensible and enthusiastic approach to food. Just because I believe in old-fashioned values doesn’t mean they’re out of fashion. They just need people to believe in them again.

Why I’m saving traditions one recipe and memory at a time.

Because the world needs a little old fashioned sentiment doesn’t it?



    • Emily Llou says

      Ah wow thank you so much! What a lovely comment to log on to 😀 I hope you keep enjoying! x

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